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The Cortland Farm Distillery and Brewery has launched and is proud to offer Tom’s Angry Vodka. This smooth Vodka is made with New York State barley on our 200-gallon still in the heart of Cortland, NY.


Their 200-gallon Whiskey still was designed and built using a re-purposed beer tank and was a collaboration of several local craftsmen. An additional smaller capacity, 20 plate reflux still was designed and built to rectify their Vodka, obtaining the necessary 190 proof as required by Federal guidelines, before being “cut” to the standard 80 proof using filtered local water.


NOW OFFERING 375ml and 750ml Bottles


Stop in The Tap Room to sample or purchase your next bottle of Tom’s Angry Vodka 


Check back often as we bring on new products such as Moonshine, Gin, and Apple Brandy


Did we tell you that the Whiskey is aging in our new barrel room, keep an eye out for this slow aged Whiskey


Public Price Posting of Spirits                         December 19, 2016 to January 31, 2017


Angry Tom's Vodka


750ml Per Bottle      $32.00


750ml - Case (12 bottles per case)                              $364.80   Includes 5% Discount


750ml - 2 - 4 Cases (12 bottles per case)                        Includes 9% Discount


750ml - 5 or More Cases (12 bottles Per case)               Includes 20% Discount



Taproom Hours

Tue - Thursday 2pm to 8pm or later


Fri - Sat 12pm to 10pm or later


Sunday 12pm to 6pm


Tuesday: Two Stamp Tuesday (come in for a large growler fill and receive two stamps on your growler club card for the price of one) Select Beers Only.

Wednesday:  2 -4 -1 drafts                         size draft

  (may not include all beers)

Thursday: $5 standard mixed drinks / Cortlands very own                            Vodka

Friday: Happy Hour 4 to 7 pm


Saturday: $3.00 select drafts

Sunday: $3.00 select drafts

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